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The Lounge

Hunter's Professional Assisted Living Center, Inc. (HPALC) is a Maryland licensed Center located in Woodmore South Subdivision in Mitchellville with 8,000 sq ft. of living space.

We are located on a one-acre lot nestled in colorful crape myrtles. Our grounds are elegantly landscaped with beautiful trees, shrubs and seasonal plantings.

Our assisted living provides the ideal solution for Individuals who need assistance with daily activities. We focus on wellness and keeping residents as independent as possible by providing a tailored plan of assistance.

Primary Care

  • Three delicious, healthy meals served daily
  • Weekly personal laundry (except dry-cleaning)
  • Regular physical fitness, creative, social, learning and spiritual activities
  • Snacks available throughout the day
  • Weekly housekeeping and daily trash removal
  • Monthly wellness visits by a licensed on-staff nurse
  • Trained staff available 24 hours a day

Personalized Services & Assistance

We understand that residents are individuals with unique needs and preferences whether age 21 or older. We focus on wellness as well as keeping residents as independent as possible by providing tailored plans of assistance in the following areas:

  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Dressing and clothes selection
  • Medication management
  • Continence management
  • Showering or bathing
  • Socialization and activities
  • Mobility and tranferring
  • Other specified areas

Hours of Operation

10:00am - 8:00pm
Monday through Sunday — 7 days a week
Email address:

For more information call HPALC at 301-249-0220

HPALC's Pledge and Purpose

  • HPALC is dedicated to making your loved ones stay as comfortable and rewarding as possible.
  • HPALC focuses on wellness and keeping residents as independent as possible by providing a tailored plan of assistance.
  • HPALC's moto is "Service Excellence".
  • HPALC believes in the keeping the mind, body and spirit stimulated while embracing each day with a positive outlook.
  • HPALC and its staff provide an atmosphere for our residents where they are treated with dignity and respect.

Security and Emergency Services

Alarm: The HPALC's security alarm system is linked to all doors and windows in the center. When the alarm is set; and in the event a window or a door is opened, the alarm will be activated. Within seconds, our security company will call. In case no one answers, within 30 seconds a second emergency contact will be called.

Police & Ambulance: The alarm system is programmed directly to the police and emergency medical ambulatory services. These services are activated by pressing buttons throughout the center labeled "Police" or "Medical".

Intercom: Intercoms are featured in each room and on all levels of the center. Intercoms are linked to our CD system. The intercom affords our residents the enjoyment of listening to classical music, jazz, poems, bible reading, stories, lectures, oldies but goodies. Each Intercom has its own volume control.

Doors: Each time a door is opened, an automated voice will announce "door opened" or "chime" on all levels throughout the center’s intercom system.

Smoke Detectors: Hardwired smoke detectors are located in each resident’s room (with battery backup). There are additional smoke detectors on all levels of the Center.

Sprinklers: Sprinklers are located in suites and throughout the Center.

Central Air and Heating Systems: The systems are maintained for weather appropriate levels for all seasons.

Generator: In the event there is power outage, HPALC’s "generator" will flick on in 10 seconds. The generator services the entire Center with the necessary electricity needed to maintain operation.

Grounds: HPALC grounds are maintained by a landscaping service. We have a sprinkler system that services the grounds. Our grounds are well lit and maintained by an automated timer.

Common Areas & Amenities

HPALC presents a beautiful, comfortable home setting that residents are sure to enjoy. List of activities, menus and procedures are available for easy viewing.

Kitchen: Relax and enjoy delicious meals in front of beautiful windows with a view of the back yard.

TV Lounge: Relax and watch your favorite TV show, news, sports and special events with home mates.

Exercise and Dance: Join in dance and exercise according to the level of endurance and physical capability.

Recreation Room: There are many games and activities that will peak ones interest. Sit and enjoy with fellow home mates.

Deck and Grounds: Relax in the sunshine of our large deck. View the lovely colorful flower beds and go for a walk on the grassy green lawn. Our grill and bar make a lovely cookout in the evening sunset. Great place to read a book.

Private and Semi-Private Suites

Our residents enjoy beautifully appointed living spaces with access to…

  • Comfortable beds with luxury bedding and a size option of full and twin/extra long size beds.
  • Easy to use bathrooms with tub and shower with safety equipment support, marble counter tops with single sink, double door cherry cabinets, tiled floors with designer mirror and base.
  • Spacious closets, beautiful window treatments with carpeted floors.
  • Night stands, lamps, dressers and comfortable chairs.
  • Suites are telephone and cable wired and equipped with intercom with regulated volume controls.
  • Suites have CD Systems that are linked to the intercom.
Emerald Room Emerald Room
Mocha Room Mocha Room
Saphire Room Sapphire Room

Our Staff

HPALC staff understands that each resident has been entrusted to our care; therefore, we carefully select professional health care providers who are dedicated to serving our residents. The safety, comfort and overall well being of our residents are HPALC’s ’primary focus. Additionally, our goal is to provide a home atmosphere as well as ensuring that each resident is treated with respect and dignity.

Our assessment, personalized assistance and professional oversight are designed to affirm the level of care that is needed for each resident. We are aware that each individual has unique physical, social and emotional needs to be respected and accommodated. HPALC creates a stimulating environment for our residents and by doing so will offer the families more peace of mind during the residents stay at HPALC.


Prior to residency at HPALC, we bring the potential resident and family members together to conduct an assessment. This assessment helps determine the appropriate services and level of care required for each individual.

We offer long-term and short-term care to individuals seeking assisted living accommodations. The resident's level of care will be determined and assessed by a healthcare provider, Registered Nurse and the Assisted Living Center Manager.


Admissions are conducted seven days a week, including holidays. Residents accepted by HPALC must be at least 21 years of age.


Our commitment is to provide our residents with the highest quality services at affordable rates. For more informaiton on our rates, please contact us.

Hunters Professional Services
Assisted Living Center

1908 Southwood Court
Mitchellville, MD 20721

Phone: 301-249-0220